Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Surprise

I got a very fun and unexpected surprise this weekend. A visit from son-in-law Jared - who came to pick up a new vehicle, and with him, my little Porter. What a special sweetheart that little boy is. We picked them up at the airport late Thursday evening, and when Porter saw me, he came running up to me and hugged me saying "Hi, Grandma". I was thrilled. I was so excited to spend a few hours with him, thinking that they were coming just to pick up the new truck and would be leaving again quickly. But again, I was happily surprised to learn they'd be staying the weekend. I was in heaven. The next day, when that little boy came up to me and said totally on his own "Grandma, I LOVE you!!!"...well, my heart just melted. What a sweet memory I have.

We were able to spend all of Friday together, as I told my work I'd either be late or not come in at all (still in the mindset they were leaving quickly). So not at all it was. We played and played and just had loads of fun on Friday. Mom, (Stacy) in her hurry to pack up her two guys, forgot Porter's underpants. I told Porter we'd go shopping and buy him some new underpants along with a few new toys he could take with him in his new truck - to play with while driving home. After hearing his sweet "I love you, Grandma", I would have gotten him the world!! So, we picked up some new dinosaurs to play with (he can name every kind of dinosaur in the was amazing). I told him he could pick 5 - but he chose 7. What's a Grandma and Papa to do?? We bought 7, of course. He also got some new dinosaur underpants, although his dad made a trip to Marshall's beforehand and got him some Toy Story undies...we couldn't resist the dinosaurs.

During his stay, we took Porter and his dad to the Sacramento Train Museum and Fairytale Town. I have pictures of my kids at Fairytale town and thought I'd share the next generation enjoying his visit too. So here's some pictures of Porter and Jared during this visit. Thanks guys for sharing your time and sweet son. We loved it.