Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary


Today marks the year anniversary from the time I was laid off from my long-time job. A year ago this afternoon, I was home reeling from the reality that my world had changed. Now, reflecting back, it's clear that being let go was a huge blessing in disguise. I hadn't realized just how crazy it was where I worked until I was gone and could look from the outside in. It makes me very sad that I have friends who still has to endure that environment on a daily basis. But I'm sure, like me, they really don't realize what they're dealing with. It becomes normal; second nature to accept it for what it is. Sometimes it's like being entertained within a horror film. I'm so grateful to be gone and in a better place.

I have been in my current employment for over 6 months now. We've moved from the office I started in and I'm loving our new location in Roseville. The drive takes less time, and with gas currently $4 a gallon, I'm glad for that. There are so many great places to eat lunch, and the office itself is so nice. The deal they had been working on when hiring me still has not come to be, and that worries me a little. But it hasn't gone away either, so I'm hoping it will still pan out. Things take so long to happen sometimes. I still love the people I work with and feel as if I've left out of a horror film into the greatest Disney film out there. I almost expect to see a princess singing through the office. Okay, a little over the top, but it's truly night and day. I'm happy and hope to continue on, but it's hard being paid so little. I still check what's out there and keep my eye on other options, but I'm hoping that this deal will happen and I can stay put. I'm leaving it in God's hands and pray for His guidance every night. This just might be a stepping stone to something better, and I'm open to whatever His will is for me.


Past that, I'm enjoying my calling in Young Women. It's a lot of hard work and a lot of time, but the girls are so wonderful and I love them so much. We have a small group and have lost a couple of girl to Utah, but we have 5-6 upcoming Beehives, all from strong families, so things will increase as time goes by. It's been such a huge blessing for me to have this calling, and I feel like I want to become a better person with this calling. I guess I just want to be a great example to the girls I serve, and therefore work to be the best I can be. I can see the blessings pour down from my efforts which only makes me want to try harder. The only negative about it is that I love these girls so much, I find myself worrying about them and praying for them constantly. I know that's not a bad thing, but I'm afraid I have worrying down to a science. Just ask my kids. Maybe it'll take some pressure off of them if I'm worrying about the girls instead?? Nah, never happen.