Monday, September 5, 2011

Time Marches On

We've hit September, and I'm amazed to be nearing the one year anniversary date at Crescendo Properties. The time, as usual, has just flown by. I'm guessing it's due to the busy, busy schedule I keep. I'm loving work, loving being the YW President, and all that goes with it. I don't have near enough time to visit with family and those I love, and interestingly enough, time marches on in their lives too. Porter will start pre-school this month, and Tyson has flown past a year old and is running everywhere. My sweet Stacy and hubby Jared are seeing the difference in the mild-mannered first child and rambunctious second child. Both are just precious. Check this out:

Grandma is so happy I was able to get a quick visit in with them last weekend, as we drove Jeff back to Utah to begin his final classes at Utah Valley University. Not too much longer and he'll graduate with his Bachelor's degree in Business. It was a quick, and exhausting trip, but I loved every minute of it. My kids are so incredibly special to me, and those grand kids have stolen my heart as well. Lucky there's enough love to go around!!

Rob is working hard and since his schedule is flip-flopped from ours, we rarely see him. He calls to check in once in a while, but I miss him terribly. He's trying so hard to do everything - taking up the slack from his roommate who recently lost his unemployment. The money is tight, and I feel bad for Rob and what he's dealing with. He is a loyal friend, and his roommate is now working at a restaurant, but he only has 3 shifts per week, and that's not cutting it. I hope things work out for him.

If you remember, right after starting my job, I took a cruise that didn't turn out too well. I'm excited to say that I'll be leaving in less than two weeks to join my sisters and take another 7 day sister cruise, free of charge, thanks to Carnival. My sisters and I have such fun together, and I'm really looking forward to the trip. Here' a picture of my sister's and I (as well as my niece and great niece) right after we got back from our 'doomed cruise'.

From left - Cindy #3, Terri #1, Chrysta (front/niece) Cathy #4, Deyla (great niece) on Tina's lap #2. The numbers are the birth order!! I'm the youngest sister, though you'd never know it to look at us. I think they all look pretty great. They are so much fun to be with and I love them dearly, even though we drive one-another crazy on occasion!! I'm so blessed to have sister's like them.

On another note - TWO YEARS AGO - we booked another "Transatlantic Cruise" where you travel from the US to Europe or vise-versa. Anyway, we booked this one going from Europe to the US, and I've been looking forward to it so much. But sadly, the dates conflict with a big show for Scott, so he won't be able to join us. Instead, I've invited my oldest sister Terri to join me, and Tina and Scott booked two years ago as well, so they'll be along. And to make things exciting, Kyle will be coming along too with his buddy Kris, as a belated "Senior trip" that he never received when he graduated school back in 2008. Sorry for the delay Kyle. Here's an old picture of Scott and I on our first Transatlantic trip. I'll miss you my love. This was in Paris, France. The city of LOVE!!

I'll take lots of pictures on both trips and I'll try to share a few upon my return!

As always, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for the many blessings I have in my life, and always remember to give my Gratitude to Him for everything I have. I am acutely aware of His hand in my life and and thankful for it. May you always feel His love as well. :-)