Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Today is my daughter's 27th birthday. Wow, how did that happen?? It seems like just yesterday I was hating the fact I was turning 27 years old (it was actually a traumatic birthday for me) and now my daughter is 27!! How quickly the years passed by. It makes me wonder how the time could have gotten away from me. Oh well, that's how life is.

I want to say that my daughter has been a wonderful example to me. She was such a sweet child as a girl and even sweeter as she grew into a young adult. So many mom's have trouble with their teenage daughters, but Stacy was a jewel. She helped me to build my testimony. She allowed me to relive my childhood through her, and always made me feel as if she wanted me around. She included me in so many fun things in her life, and confided in me with some of her special secrets. When she was sad, I felt her pain. When she was happy, I shared in her joy. When she grew up to be a young woman, I was fortunate enough to be in the Young Women's program to be able to watch and share as she became an adult. I am very proud of her and proud to be her mother.

When she graduated high school, she was so anxious to get on with her life. I cried so hard when I drove her to Utah to attend BYU. She seemed so young, and yet she was so ready. Although young, she was very mature, so it didn't surprise me when she found her true love and decided to marry. I trusted her judgment and when I met Jared I knew she'd found 'the one'. What a special young man she chose to share her life with, and I have so much gratitude for how he treats her and our family.

When Stacy called to tell me she was pregnant with her first child, I was so thrilled for her. I remember how I felt learning I was going to be a mom, and I was so anxious for her to have that same joy. She is a wonderful mother, caring and loving, and she has her priorities exactly right. Again, how proud I am of her. She now has two sons, Porter (3) and Tyson (6 mo's), and she's an amazing wife and mother. So, my sweet baby girl, happy birthday. I love you.