Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trying to stay positive!!

Life comes with so many ups and downs, sometimes it's hard to keep things in perspective. This past couple of weeks, I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff that's been pretty difficult, emotionally. I am so glad to have my testimony to bolster me up during these trying times. Scott reminded me that we've had very little adversity to deal with over the years, so I guess my time has come. Again, I'm grateful that I have my Heavenly Father to turn to for comfort, to be able to hand off my troubles to, and to rely on for strength and clarity. I have worked diligently to improve my habits, and am proud of my accomplishments in that respect. It has helped me to feel the Spirit during these trying times, and has brought me comfort. I will continue to build on these improvements, and rely on my faith to get me through this and whatever future troubles are ahead. I can't imagine where I'd be without having my faith to fall back on. I took it for grated for so long.....never again.

The job search has been slow and steady. I had an interview last week that seemed to go pretty well, and I also went for testing at SMUD (Sacramento Municiple Utility District) on Saturday. The test was hard, but I think I did alright. I will get the results in a couple of weeks, and we'll go from there. I'm not sure I want to drive that far, but I am grateful for the experience of the testing. Of course, if I did do well enough to warrant an interview, by the time that happens, I may change my mind about the drive. The more time goes by, the less selective I may be (or so some of the ladies at the testing told me who had been out of a job longer)!! We'll see. I would like to stay in the property management field, since that's what I know, but the opportunities are limited. I know, deep down, that God has something in store for me, and I need to be patient. That helps. That, and the fact that I've been off work during such a beautiful time of the year. I can almost bet once I get back to work I'll start questioning myself as to why I was in such a hurry!