Thursday, September 16, 2010

It is NEVER easy........ugh!!!

So, last week, I had an interview that I felt went really well. I was intrigued with the position because it fell directly within my qualifications - it was for an accounts payable/receivable position at a property management company using Yardi!! The only drawback was the location - in Rocklin, a ways from home. But I felt like I totally nailed my interview and was disappointed when they didn't offer me the job right off the bat. The next day I was sure I'd get a call, but nothing happened. I got really bummed about it, but just moved on and continued to look for other options. A few days later I was advised to call and ask about the position, which I did and was told they were still interviewing. Obviously, they weren't as taken with me as I thought.
The next day (yesterday), they called and offered me the position!! I was thrilled and felt like I wanted to jump up and down to celebrate. The hourly rate was much less than what I was earning before I was laid off, but it was an average amount compared to what I've found while searching for a job. I hesitated to speak (allowing a moment of silence) and before I could respond to them, they said they'd give me a 90 day probationary period at which point I'd receive a performance review and increase. This sounded good to me, so they sent me a formal letter to offer employment outlining the job, rate, details etc. All I had to do was sign the letter agreeing to the terms of employment, and I'd be on my way!!!
I had been praying a lot that I'd find a job that I'd be happy with and love, so I didn't sign the job offer immediately feeling that I needed to pray for confirmation that this is the right job for me. But before I had the chance to put the time into praying for an answer about taking the job, I received a phone call regarding another job possibility. A good friend (a member and ex-coworker)who had left F.I.P.I. about 8 years ago, opened his own business in property management. Over the years, he would mention to me that if I ever left my job and wanted to work for him, he'd like to hire me. At the point when I lost my job, there weren't any openings at his company, but he was hoping a job would open up soon. I obviously couldn't wait for that to happen, but it was nice having that as a 'back-up option' if I didn't find work or if I didn't like the job I eventually found. So to get a call about a job opening with him on the very day I got a job offer (yet before I signed the agreement to work elsewhere), well, I don't think that was a mere coincidence.
I was asked to contact the controller at the company and set up an interview. In addition, I was asked to send my resume' and letters of recommendation as well. The controller was not available to meet with me until Monday (he was off work till then), and I had to give an answer to this other company by Friday. If I was guaranteed the second job and the interview and resume' were just formalities, I wouldn't hesitate to tell the other company that I'd accepted another position. I hate to turn down a "for sure" job, in the "hopes" I'd be offered the other one. But then I can't help but feel that the spirit is guiding me to do just that. Man, why can't these things be easy?? More to come......