Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ups and Downs

After this past weekend dealing with death of a young person, I'm feeling very grateful for all my many blessings. I have a wonderful family and such strong faith, it's truly a comfort during these times. Besides the reality of dealing with this loss, I am also watching and praying for a family who used to be in our ward who recently learned that their 8 year old son has cancer. I can't imagine how that must feel for those parents, his siblings, trying to stay positive and hoping for the best. It's at times like these that our testimonies and faith become so priceless to us. Knowing that we can be together with those we love in the next life brings such comfort and hope. I wish that everyone knew of this wonderful gift, which gives me pause about my missionary efforts. I've got to do better.

Monday morning, I learned Jeff had made it back home to Utah, safe and sound. I gave a prayer of thanks and my heart was happy. I spent the day shopping for gifts - friends and family who are celebrating soon or while I'm away in Utah. My oldest son, Rob, will celebrate his birthday this week. The daughter of a gal I visit teach will be baptized on Saturday, and I won't be able to attend. Another good friend who I also happen to visit teach will be having a birthday next week, and there's a bridal shower planned for my friends son, and a friend of my son. Things continue and the world goes on. I enjoyed shopping and picking out those special items for each of these wonderful people, which made me stop and think about how true the saying "This too shall pass" really is. I find comfort in this, although I know if I were grieving a loss, it would mystify me. I guess it's God's way of helping us through. We hold those we lose in our hearts, and then we go on. We take what we can from the experience, both good and bad, and we learn from it.

I am especially excited because I will soon be with my family in Utah as the arrival of my new grandson is literally days away. I learned today that I will not be able to be along side my daughter as she gives birth via C-Section, but although I want to help in whatever way she needs, I revel in the knowledge that I'll be able to hang out with Porter and enjoy our time together. It wasn't that long ago I was there, so I'm expecting he'll be excited and happy to see me this time, and not so hesitant. I guess I have some 'racing' ahead of me, and that's just fine. I hope I can help him accept and enjoy his new baby brother, but knowing his personality, he won't need help at all. What a loving child he is. A joy to my heart.